Compact NTP Time Server with integrated WWVB Reference Clock

Key Features:

  • Synchronization of NTP and SNTP compatible clients
  • USB port for performing updates, lock front panel, and backup/restore configuration and log files
  • Integrated WWVB long wave radio receiver 60kHz!
  • 60KHz WWVB Antenna (cable length up to 300m)
  • Web based status and configuration interface and console based graphical configuration utility
  • Supported networking protocols: IPv4, IPv6, HTTPS, HTTP, SSH, TELNET, SCP, SFTP, FTP, SYSLOG, SNMP

RoHS compliant

3 Year Warranty, RoHS compliant
Free Lifetime technical support via telephone or email

LANTIME M200 time servers can be installed to provide accurate time
to small and medium sized computer networks.

The M200/WWVB is an economical Time Server that offers all the software features of Meinberg‘s LANTIME platform. It is available in a compact housing as a desktop model, and with an optional accessory kit for rackmount installations. The M200/WWVB includes a precision TCXO and one network interface and is the perfect choice for „Just NTP“ applications in small and medium sized networks.

Quick Network Installation
The M200/WWVB is designed for easy network installation with only a few keystrokes needed on the front panel. A large LC display shows the status of the internal WWVB receiver and the NTP subsystem. Three bicolor LEDs indicate the status of the three main components: WWVB Reference Time, Time Synchronization Service (NTP) and Network (Link status). A fourth ALARM LED can be configured to signal any event that is reported by the notification handling routines.

Power Supply Options:
The M200 has a wide-range power supply that will operate from 100-240 VAC. Optional DC power supplies are available for 10-18 VDC, 19-36 VDC, 36-72 VDC, or 100-240 VDC.

The M200 is the perfect solution where full LANTIME functionality is required in a compact 1U chassis.

Front View:
Time Server M200 WWVB - Front View
  1. LC Display (current status and configuration menu)
  2. Function buttons for operating the display menus
  3. Status LEDs: Ref. Time (Status of reference clock), Time Service (status of NTP
  4. service), Network (link status of network interface) and a configurable Alarm LED
  5. optional brackets for rack mount installations
Rear View:
Time Server M200 WWVB - Rear View
  1. Power supply unit with power switch
  2. Network interface (10/100base-T RJ45)
  3. USB port for firmware updates and backup/restore of configuration files
  4. Serial console port for configuration (RS232, set your terminal program to 38400 baud, 8/N/1)
  5. WWVB antenna input
  6. optional brackets for rack mount installations

The configuration of the system can be done by using a standard web browser for accessing the extensive but straightforward html interface. Alternatively a text based and menu driven setup utility can be started from the shell prompt after logging into the unit via Telnet or SSH.

The security-related features of LANTIME time servers satisfy highest demands. The time synchronization data can be reliably signed and secured by symmetric keys (MD5) and the NTP autokey procedures.

Scope of Supply
Each LANTIME M200/WWVB will be delivered with a MEINBERG 60KHz Antenna mounted in a waterproof plastic case, antenna mounting kit, 20 m (65.6 feet) of RG58 coax cable and power cord with US or European power supply plug.