NTP Time Server with GPS Reference Clock for DIN Rail Installations

Key Features:

  • Synchronization of NTP and SNTP compatible clients
  • Supported networking protocols: IPv4, IPv6, HTTPS, HTTP, SSH, TELNET, SCP, SFTP, FTP, SYSLOG, SNMP
  • USB port for performing updates, lock front panel, and backup/restore configuration and log files
  • Web based status and configuration interface (Demo) and console based graphical configuration utility
  • Antenna connected with up to 300m of standard coaxial cable RG58

The LANTIME M100 is a DIN-railmount time server with a basic set of outputs and will be offered with DC and/or AC power supply. The M100 comes with four status LEDs in the front panel - Ref Time, Time Service, Network and Alarm.

The LANTIME M100 Time Server provides accurate GPS time to small and medium sized computer networks in an ultra-compact DIN railmount chassis. This economical, entry level Time Server is particularly well-suited for industrial applications such as utility substations, process control, and automation systems. The M100 is equipped with a GPS Reference Clock, and includes a highly stable TCXO internal oscillator to maintain timing accuracy during periods of interference or temporary loss of synchronization. All connections for power, antenna, network, and configuration are conveniently provided on the front panel. It includes a wide-range power supply that can operate from 100-240 VAC or VDC, and a 19-72 VDC supply is available as an option.

The LANTIME M100/GPS is equipped with a high precision "TCXO" oscillator (please check our oscillator options page for technical specifications). The oscillator determines the holdover characteristics (e.g. when the GPS signal is disturbed or jammed).

System Components:

  • GPS satellite receiver with TCXO time base
    optional available time references:
    GPS/GLONASS receiver also for mobile application
    WWVB - long wave receiver for the North American local time signal PZF - long wave receiver for the middle european DCF77 time signal
  • Single board computer with Linux operating system
  • Integrated power supply (100 – 240V VAC/VDC),
    on request we will offer other power supplies
  • Aluminium profile case for 35mm DIN mounting rail,
    125,5 mm wide x 105 mm high x 189 mm deep