Meinberg PCI and PCIe Slot Cards

PCI and PCI Express Computer Clocks

GPS180PEX: GPS Receiver for PCI Express (PCIe) TCR511PEX: IRIG Time Code Reader for PCI Express

The MEINBERG Slot Cards has been designed to synchronise the system time of computers with PCI/PCI-X or PCI Express interface.

The latest generation of MEINBERG GPS170PCI GPS Synchronized PCI Slot Cards adds programmable TTL outputs as a feature. The IRIG output provides a source of synchronization for slave MEINBERG TCR511PCI or TCR167PCI IRIG Synchronized Slot Cards.

  • PCI/PCIe Local Bus Interface
  • 3.3V or 5V, 33MHz or 66MHz, PCI-X compatible
  • Plug and Play
  • Periodic Interrupts
  • RS232 Interface
  • Pulse per Second and Pulse per Minute
  • 2 Time Trigger Inputs
  • External Antenna, DC Insulated (up to 300 m of RG58 coax cable)
  • DCF77 Emulation
  • Flash-EPROM, Bootstrap Loader
  • Driver Software for most Operating Systems
  • IRIG-B/AFNOR Timecode Output
  • Programmable TTL outputs
PCI - The Peripheral Component Interconnect Bus

The name PCI has been derived from Peripheral Component Interconnect which describes a set of industry standard computer bus architectures which are used to connect components on the computer main board to each other, and also provides an expansion bus to install add-in cards.

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