JTime! - USA

Innovative Solutions in Time and Frequency Synchronisation

JTIME! JTime!, Inc. is a California Corporation dba JTime! MEINBERG USA.
JTime! MEINBERG USA has been selected by MEINBERG to be their
exclusive distributor for the United States.


Meinberg USA Road Show 2015

MTM Roadtrip 2015

Keith Young, Sales Representative at JTime! Meinberg USA, is "hitting the road" in the Meinberg Time Machine to demonstrate the performance, flexibility, and maintenance advantages of Meinberg's new scalable and modular synchronization systems. A "future-proof" synchronization solution that will keep any network synchronized as your needs change and technology advances.

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Standalone GPS Systems
GPS Time and Frequency Sytsems

PCIe and PCI Radio Clocks
PCI/PCIe Clocks for computers