NTP Time Server with integrated WWVB Radio Clock

Key Features:

  • Integrated WWVB 60kHz long wave radio receiver
  • 60kHz Antenna (cable length up to 300m)
  • Free Lifetime technical support via telephone or email

The M300/WWVB time server can be used in large parts of the USA, Canada and the Central America region to provide accurate time to networks of any size. It synchronizes all systems either NTP- or SNTP-compatible and uses a built-in Meinberg radio clock receiving the WWVB time signal from Fort Collins,CO as its reference time source. A highly stable and precise oscillator is capable of bridging interferences or a temporary loss of reception.

Quick Network Installation
The M300/WWVB is designed for easy network installation with only a few keystrokes needed on the front panel. A large LC display shows the status of the internal WWVB receiver and the NTP subsystem. Three bicolor LEDs indicate the status of the three main components: WWVB Reference Time, Time Synchronization Service (NTP) and Network (Link status). A fourth ALARM LED can be configured to signal any event that is reported by the notification handling routines.